Hi! My name is Madison Hill and I am twenty-three years young.

For the last ten years I have lived with undiagnosed celiac disease and silently struggled while letting doctors poke and prod me to (eventually) find out why I was winding up in the ER every other month… turns out its all just because I’m allergic to gluten!!!
Ever since my diagnosis I realized that people are too silent in their struggle with celiac disease… probably because it’s just about the least flattering topic, yet such a necessary one. So I am sacrificing myself and sharing my experiences in order to spread awareness and shed light on a very unsympathetic and under-appreciated illness.

A blog dedicated to:

  • The waitress that scoffs and silently but blatantly suggests you’re high maintenance when you say you’ll take that gluten free;
  • The employer or professor that is just sure your inability to show up sometimes must mean you’re an underachiever;
  • The someone just sure that your friend is dodging your calls and claiming it’s some stupid food allergy;
  • and most importantly to the fellow “celiac survivor” who surely just really needs a good laugh and a good “me too.”

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